The Detroit Public Safety Foundation secures funding for the Detroit Police Department and Detroit Fire Department in the areas of training, technology, equipment, community engagement and wellness.

Snapshot of 2019 Accomplishments
  • More than $800,000 in grant funding for programs supporting the Detroit Police Department and Detroit Fire Department from 13 community foundations and partners

  • $317,685 in-kind donation of traffic barriers donated by Ilitch Holdings for crowd control at large events

  • $239,826 grant from My Brother’s Keeper, The Obama Foundation, for the Brotherhood Program

  • $183,624 in grant funding for a three-year commitment from the Ralph C. Wilson Foundation for the Sisterhood Program

  • $125,000 from the GM Foundation for the third year of Drive to Thrive funding

  • $100,000 for the Brotherhood and Sisterhood Programs from the Detroit Lions as part of the “Detroit Lions Inspire Change” social justice initiative

  • $100,000 donation in which $85,000 was for rent and renovation of a facility for DPD’s Peer Support Team, $4,500 was for DPD’s Baker to Vegas team, and $10,000 was for the DPD Museum & Gift Shop

  • $79,000 in-kind donation by Planet Fitness of complete fitness gyms at the Police Training Academy and DPD’s 12th Precinct

  • $47,000 grant from the Children’s Hospital of Michigan Foundation to support Children in Trauma Intervention (CITI) Camp 

  • $20,000 donation for the purchase of ballistic safety equipment for the Detroit Police Department

  • $15,000 grant from Motorola Solutions Foundation for Advanced Training for DFD’s Peer Support Team

  • Grant funding for Emergency Medical Services Educational Scholarships

  • Sponsor of the Citizens Police Academy

  • Hosted Women in Blue, a celebration of women within the Detroit Police Department and Detroit Fire Department with keynote speaker, Secretary of State Jocelyn Benson

  • Hosted the Above & Beyond Awards Ceremony to honor DPD and DFD first-responders for their heroic actions

Snapshot of 2018 Accomplishments
  • $125,000 from the GM Foundation and $150,000 from The Skillman Foundation to expand the Drive to Thrive Program which provides free drivers education training to students in Detroit. The program incorporates lessons on distracted driving, traffic stops and other safety lessons from Detroit Police Officers.

  • $67,910 from the DMC Foundation to provide life-saving CPR, AED and First-Aid training for 1720 officers who are expected to provide some sort of medical attention when responding to scenes with injured citizens.

  • $65,936 Foam Trailer donated to the Detroit Fire Department from Soave Enterprises. The specialty piece of equipment allows firefighters to quickly eliminate large scale fires from a safe distance.

  • $60,000 in-kind donation from Cadillac Asphalt for the Detroit Police Department’s Training Academy

  • $50,000 from the Leary Firefighters Foundation to provide tablets for the Detroit Fire Department and EMS division to use when responding to medical calls.

  • $50,000 from the Hudson Webber Foundation to provide funding for the staff of Ceasefire Detroit. Ceasefire is a community-based violence prevention partnership aimed to reduce gun violence among some of the most violent gangs in Detroit.

  • $45,000 from the Children’s Hospital Foundation of Michigan to help expand Children in Trauma Intervention (CITI) Camp. CITI Camp is a research-based prevention and intervention program that fosters a safer school and community environment.

  • $40,000 from Chemical Bank to provide funding for the Detroit Police Department to compete in the Baker to Vegas Road Race, a 120-mile law enforcement race which starts in Baker, California and ends in Las Vegas, Nevada. The run promotes wellness, morale and teamwork and 2018 was the first year DPD competed.

  • $20,000 from the DMC Guild, along with a matched $20,000 donation from the Detroit Medical Center, to provide a total of 2,000 tactical tourniquet kits to Detroit Police Officers as part of their “Stop the Bleed” campaign.

  • $32,858 donated from the DMC Guild for The Sisterhood Program. The Sisterhood is a mentoring program for young girls in Detroit.

  • $25,000 donated for The Home Depot for renovations at Engine 17. In addition to the goods, Home Depot provided volunteers and two days of labor on the renovations.

  • $25,000 donated from Jet Blue for the Sisterhood Program. DPD was selected out of a national competition based on a video submitted.

  • $15,000 Motorola Solutions Foundation provided funding for DPD’s Peer Support Team to receive Advanced Training

  • $12,500 from Comerica Bank to support The Sisterhood Program. Comerica was one of the first funders to provide financial backing for this program.

  • Received 278 pet oxygen kits donated for the Detroit Fire Department to save animals rescued from burning homes.

  • Received 6 bikes from the PNC Foundation for the Downtown Services Precinct

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