Fallen and Critically Injured Officers Remembrance Fund

In 2018 the Detroit Police Department created the Fallen and Critically Injured Officers Remembrance Committee. This committee was established under the leadership of Chief Craig to provide a continual support system for the families of fallen and critically injured officers. The money raised for this fund will assist families after officers are injured or killed. The idea is to maintain contact and provide services long after the initial death or injury of the officer.

The committee will support the families by doing things like sending cards and flowers on birthdays, anniversaries, and end of watch dates, hosting a Christmas party for the children of fallen and critically injured officers, provide memberships to the Detroit Zoo, Science Center and PAL, create Back-to-School bags and small mementos for families throughout the year. 

This continual contact will help the families heal and feel the support from the Detroit Police Department and community long after the initial loss of their loved one.


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