Detroit Fire Department

Fire Commissioner Eric Jones

"The members of the Detroit Fire Department risk life and limb daily, responding to emergencies. The wear and tear on equipment is enormous and sometimes requires immediate repair or replacement so that these brave men and women can continue their mission of saving lives and property. The Detroit Public Safety Foundation has assisted our department without fail whenever a request is made.”

                                                                                                                          - Commissioner Eric Jones

Fast Facts
  • Organized in 1860

  • $107.4 million budget

  • Responds to an average of 20-30 working structure fires a day

  • Busiest fire department in the country per capita

  • 300-400 total daily EMS runs

  • 40 Fire Stations

  • 26 Engine Companies

  • 14 Ladder Companies

  • 6 Squads (Tactical Mobile Squads)

  • Fire Boat

  • Hazardous Material Response Unit

  • 24 Medic Units

  • 8 Battalion Chiefs

Agency Goals
  • Develop internal fiscal control measures consistent with City policy that address prior audit findings.

  • Improve EMS response times to critical cardiac-related incidents through the utilization of Rapid Response Units staffed with Firefighters/EMT’s and EMS Technicians and having all fire suppression personnel who are not trained as EMT’s, trained and certified as Medical First Responders with properly equipped apparatus.

  • Improve revenue collections and identify new revenue streams by utilizing a private vendor.

  • Digitize organizational processes and develop performance metrics for all division heads.

  • Improve employee development through continuous training and educational opportunities.

  • Operate within our budget as appropriated.

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Detroit Public Safety Foundation

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