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Drive to Thrive funded by General Motors

In 2022, the Detroit Public Safety Foundation received a grant from General Motors to fund Drive to Thrive, a program providing free drivers education training to students in Detroit Public Schools. Students receive free drivers education training, with the program taking them through all segments of the process with the ultimate goal of ending the program with a license in hand. In addition to the required training, they receive supplemental training on topics like what to do when stopped by the police, distracted driving, seatbelt safety, break checking, and how to handle road rage while driving. 

Drive to Thrive History

The Drive to Thrive Program started in 2017 with initial funding from General Motors and The Skillman Foundation. The program was created after a Sergeant with the Detroit Police Recruiting Unit realized that many local Detroiters did not qualification to apply for the Detroit Police Academy because they did not have a valid license. The lack of a license was prohibiting them from employment with the Detroit Police Department and likely other career options too. It also meant many people were driving in Detroit without valid licenses, which was illegal. The cost of the program made it difficult for many students to pay for the program. The Drive to Thrive Program was created to offer access to this critical training, while providing additional road safety training and bridging the gap between the Detroit Police Department and the youth of Detroit. 

Since 2017, the program has helped more than 400 young people become road ready. 

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