Investing in a Safer Detroit

In partnership with citizens, businesses and philanthropies, the Detroit Public Safety Foundation helps the Detroit Police and Fire Departments initiate innovative programs that make Detroit a safer place to live and work. In 2003, the Detroit Police Foundation was incorporated in the state of Michigan as a tax-exempt organization under Section 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code. In 2011, the Detroit Police Foundation changed its name to the Detroit Public Safety Foundation - dedicated to strengthening the Police and Fire Departments and promoting public safety. By supporting innovative projects, this pioneering public-private partnership provides the Police and Fire Departments with the means to launch benchmark programs and further its professionalism.

Eighty-five percent of the city's budget for police and fire is dedicated to personnel payroll and benefits. Our role is to invest in the departments by responding to needs not in the city’s budget. This role is central to the philosophy of the foundation, whose directors believe that public-spirited citizens share their interest in helping the departments to be as professional, responsive and creative as possible.

The foundation depends entirely on the generosity of corporations, individuals, foundations and philanthropic organizations for project and operating budgets. The Detroit Police Department and Detroit Fire Department have authorized the foundation to seek funding from private sources to support police and fire initiatives.


Our Mission

The Detroit Public Safety Foundation is dedicated to creating a better future by improving the health, safety and welfare of citizens and visitors to Detroit through support of Detroit Police, Fire and EMS through technology, training, equipment, community outreach and wellness.

Detroit Public Safety Foundation

1301 3rd Street, Suite 547

Detroit, MI 48226 

Office: 313-628-2169

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