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Detroit Mounted Police have a storied history with the Detroit Police Department. The Mounted Unit was established in 1893. 

In 2005, the Unit was briefly dis-banded until 2009 when the Detroit Public Safety Foundation began supporting the Unit. At its highest capacity it included 80 officers and 60 horses.

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In March of 2016, the Detroit-based company, Strategic Staffing Solutions made a three-year commitment to support the Mounted Unit. 


They generously agreed to fund costs associated with the Mounted Unit including veterinary bills, horseshoeing, hay, wood shavings, grooming, feeding, cleaning, repairs and replacement equipment. They will also provide for the addition of one to two new horses.

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Detroit Mounted Police patrol Belle Isle, Palmer Park, Downtown and Riverfront, Wayne State University, Eastern Market, sporting events, parades and many other large events in Detroit. In addition to providing extra patrols and a visible police presence at large events, Detroit Mounted Police also play an important role in Community Outreach. 

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Detroit Mounted Barn
910 Merrill Plaisance St
Detroit, Michigan

P: (313) 237-6379

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