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Your organization’s culture: It’s either an asset or a liability. At this very moment, it’s either lifting your business performance or “eating your strategy for breakfast.” How do you ensure it’s the former, not the latter? Based on the authors’ 20+ years of research, the answer couldn’t be clearer: Intentionally or unintentionally, you create culture through the signals you transmit on Five Frequencies: 1/ Your decisions and actions. 2/ What you reward and recognize. 3/ What you tolerate (or don’t). 4/ How you show up informally. 5/ Your formal communications. To make a bad culture good, or a good culture great, you’ve got to deliberately transmit strong and steady signals. This guide shows you how. Fast-paced and loaded with real-life examples, Five Frequencies prescribes more than 20 practical Signal Boosts for turning culture into competitive advantage.

Five Frequencies: LeadershipSignals That Turn Culture Into Competitive Advantage