Baker to Vegas Road Race

Baker to Vegas is the world's most prestigious and unique law enforcement foot race. The competition is 120 miles of pavement, 20 stages with over 8,000 runners starting in Baker, California and ending in Las Vegas, Nevada.

Law enforcement officers from all around the globe battle it out every spring to win the coveted cup trophy.

In 2018, the Detroit Police Department participated in the Baker to Vegas Race for the first time. DPD sent 20 officers to compete in the race with 10 additional people serving in support roles. DPD sent another team of runners in 2019, receiving a coveted trophy for their outstanding performance. The run promotes physical and mental wellness, teamwork and boosts morale - all things important to the Detroit Police Department.

The next Baker to Vegas Race is scheduled for April 4-5, 2020. DPD has a team which has been busy training to compete and represent Detroit in this national competition. If you'd like to support the Baker to Vegas team, please contact the Detroit Public Safety Foundation at 313-628-2169.

Detroit Public Safety Foundation

1301 3rd Street, Suite 547

Detroit, MI 48226 

Office: 313-628-2169

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